iOS development: new pandemic skills

Here’s yet another suggestion in the sea of unsolicited advice during this pandemic 2020 – learn to code iOS apps. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience. We’re not full-time “coders”. We’re full-time friends, husbands, wives, and entrepreneurs. While some of us our fortunate enough to work from home during this weird time, others aren’t. Whatever the circumstances, we’ve always more time on our hands than we believe. Whether you have 15 minutes every other day or 1 hour every night, dedicate some of that time to iOS development – you’ll thank yourself later.

In fact, research suggests that chunking is a more effective means to learning. That is, the opposite of cramming – spending small, consistent chunks of time yields more results than large, uninterrupted sessions.

In any case, we’d thought we’d share two courses from Udemy that are absolutely invaluable when it comes to picking up iOS development quickly. In fact, these two resources allowed members of our team to make remarkable improvements to their diverse skill set (again, we’re not all full-time coders). The courses aren’t expensive when discounted (we paid $10 per course per person). Promotions are run fairly frequently, so keep checking the website.

Finally, there’s no need for a disclaimer here. We get no referrals or kick-backs of any sort for recommending these videos. We only get the satisfaction of reviewing quality work, recognizing quality work, and hopefully, converting some of you to coders. If we can do it, anyone can do it – seriously.

So, if there was ever a time to pick up iOS development (as a hobby, a side-gig, or career pivot), now is the time.

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