wwdc 2020

Key Updates

We wanted to bring you a quick and concise list of the updates from WWDC 2020. We’re excited about what’s to come (especially the on-device ML; hoping this is opened up to developers – tired of using externally trained models!). The key themes:

  • Privacy
  • “Keeping the context”
  • Ease of use and standardization

The ecosystem feels more integrated and device-agnostic. Overall, we really like it! Our thoughts are with Intel, haha. Take a look below for the highlights.

iOS 14

  • App Library
  • Widgets (homescreen + smart stacks)
  • Picture in picture
  • Siri redesign – reference on-screen info!
  • Translate – on device learning
  • Messages
    • Pinned conversations
    • Memoji & memoji stickers + aging
    • Groups – inline replies + mentions
  • Maps
    • Guides
    • Cycling/EV routing; eliminate “range anxiety”
    • Alternative routes, congestion tracking
  • CarPlay
    • Digital keys
    • Sharing via iMessage
    • Industry standard
  • App Store
    • App Clips – get the apps you need; only when you need them
    • Small; portable version of apps – can easily download full version later
    • <10 MB in size

iPad OS 14

  • iOS + add’l capabilities; mostly visual tweaks
  • New trackpad
  • Apps residesigns
    • Music
    • Calls
    • Sidebar
  • Search
  • Pencil refresh
    • Handwriting as “powerful as typed text” – Scribble to iPad
    • Handwriting converted to text
  • On device processing


  • Seamless device switching
  • Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

Apple Watch

  • Workout, cycling, dance
  • Sleep + bedtime routine
  • Hand washing
  • Preventative health is core theme


  • Data minimization
  • On-device processing
  • Apple sign-in
  • Share approximate location
  • Recording indicator (mic or camera use)
  • App privacy
  • Summary of app’s privacy practices – like nutrition label

MacOS Big Sur

  • Visual redesign
  • App redesign – maps. messages, etc
  • Again, the theme here is device integration “keepig your context”
  • Catalyst update

Apple Silicon

  • Universal
  • Rosetta
  • Parallels
  • Third party app updates (Microsoft Office, Adobe)
  • Metal API
  • iOS and iPad OS on macOS


  • Home
  • Apple TV
    • Device integration, Xbox controllers, Foundation!
  • Safari Extensions


Best conference yet! Very excited about the transition to Apple Silicon. Developers should be incredibly satisfied. Looking forward to what comes next! Hope you found our no-BS takes useful. Stay tuned for more updates from this week’s conference!

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